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$59.99 list($89.95)
22. Fujifilm Zoom Date 60EZ 35mm Camera
Too low to display $169.27 list($199.99)
23. Lomographic Compact Automat 35MM
24. FUJI FILM Purple QuickSnap Color
25. Canon EOS Elan 7 E Date 35mm SLR
26. NIKON N65 35mm SLR Camera Body

21. YASHICA OPTICAL OPTICAL Zoomate 140 35mm Camera Kit
by Kyocera

Asin: B00006I60F
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Kyocera
Sales Rank: 11479
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • A precise and fast zoom lens for sharpness and clarity and built-in automation to make certain that you get the best pictures with virtually no effort
  • Selectable Quartz Data Back for printing day or date on exposure
  • 5-Beam passive automatic focus
  • Real-Image zoom viewfinder
  • 38mm to 140mm zoom lens covers wide-angle to telephoto perspectives for exceptional versatility

22. Fujifilm Zoom Date 60EZ 35mm Camera
by Fujifilm
list price: $89.95
our price: $59.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000096JGK
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Fujifilm
Sales Rank: 4413
Average Customer Review: 2.25 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Fujinon 1.7x (35 to 60mm) zoom lens
  • Easy film loading
  • Multi-mode auto flash with red-eye reduction
  • Sequential self-timer
  • Quartz date/time imprinting option

Reviews (4)

1-0 out of 5 stars The worst camera!
If I could rate this camera lower than a 1 star, I would. I bought this camera to take pictures of special moments, ie: my son's second birthday, my niece's first birthday, and my brother's departure to Iraq. NONE of these pictures came out. They were all indoor pictures and my memories on film are gone. Don't buy this camera if you want to cherish memories with pictures...

5-0 out of 5 stars I LOVE this camera
This camera is wonderful! I have a 10 month old daughter and, as a 1st time parent, I find myself taking pictures of her almost every day. I've used this camera both indoors and outdoors and have been very happy with the results. I received a more expensive model for Christmas, but returned it because the auto focus feature didn't allow me to take pictures of a moving baby. I then purchased the Zoom Date 60 EZ instead, which has been both efficient and easy since day 1. I love the zoom options, red eye reduction and timer option which allows me to be in the pictures with my husband and daughter. Best of all, the quality of the pictures is wonderful. I highly recommend this model! In fact, I recently lost my camera and am going crazy without it. I plan on buying this same exact model just as soon as I can.

2-0 out of 5 stars ok for outside pictures
This camera is VERY easy to use, that is why I bought it.But, I still am having terrible trouble centering the pictures with it, and I do not like what inside pictures look like.I am returning the camera today.

1-0 out of 5 stars No good, Fuji I thought U guys had great tech
I'm trying to see how good my photography skills are and then I got this item as a starter, it's been less than a year and it can no longer take photos, also all the pictures that I took with this camera have turned out awful. I got tips on how to make the best of your pictures,even took a class in photography and still it's bad, I wish I could get a refund for my money, but if U know how I can send me an email ASAP. I don't use the camera anymore and I'm outraged at the waste of money, not to mention the fact that I'm a fulltime student (well known fact have little or no income). ... Read more

23. Lomographic Compact Automat 35MM Camera
by Lomographic Cameras
list price: $199.99
our price: Too low to display
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000AC4WQ
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Lomographic Cameras
Sales Rank: 886
Average Customer Review: 3.33 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (6)

1-0 out of 5 stars Small hipster camera, for naive beginners...

LOMO cameras are marketed by a company who's primary interest seems to be selling $8 Soviet-era design cameras at boutique prices ($200). Accordingly, the cameras have very little speaking for them technically, and the defects are very cleverly hyped with a strong "revolutionary" slant, as being great new discoveries and strengths.

Their website casts a hip skew on the defects in these cameras, aiming them as a "revolution" in photography. Righhhht.

Among the most egregious re-evaluations from the marketing hype at their website:

...produces an awesome effect called "Vignetting." Look closely - you'll notice that the corners of your Lomographs are slightly darker and a little softer, in contrast to the lighter and sharper center. This tunnel effect yields a clear and vivid subject, with the corners acting as a natural "frame," directing your attention to the center. You see, lomographs simply have more content!

Keep in mind, vignetting is a powerful *defect* in the lens design, something Canon, Nikon and the other manufacturers have spent decades of advanced lens design and R&D in trying to eliminate. In Lomo's doublespeak, it's a good thing. (Yes, it can sometimes render interesting photographs, but this breathless hype's almost-mystical description of this effect/lens is misleading at best).

The "all-seeing wide angle view"? It's really only a 32mm focal length. Woo hoo.

Most SLR lens manufacturers have for decades offered extensive ranges in lenses with this view coverage and wider made to fit their SLR cameras (even old SLR's from the 60s and 70s); for wide coverage, a vintage 70's SLR+wide lens can be had for under $75 if you look right, and it'll be a vastly better machine. Any 1980s Canon, Nikon, or Olympus 35mm film SLR for instance, offers outstanding manufacture, both full manual and electronic controls available, etc...far exceeding the exposure options and build quality of Lomo's flimsy design. Typical 70's and 80's vintage SLR's like these feature supreme exposure and internal mechanisms, and today let you take advantage of low prices for former top-of-the-line professional lenses (e.g. manual focus Canon FD, Nikkor, or Olympus Zuiko SLR lenses).

Overall, the camera purposefully introduces flaws in your photographs that can render some "artsy" feeling shots, but don't be misled by the manufacturer's clever anti-establishmen skew.

If you want to take LOMO looking photos, buy its almost exact copy for much cheaper: the OLYMPUS XA (and XA2) but it is old, so only available on ebay. Good options also include the cheapest models of the "Jazz Jellies" that they sell at drugstores like Walgreens. (for only $10). Same vignetting effects, same purposefully-crappy lenses give blurred shots "artsy" type of feel."

You can even get the "much vaunted LOMO saturation" if you drop in 50 ISO or 100 ISO film. (this last point one is just beyond me. Saturation is mostly a function of the film, not the camera! LOL! Not according to LOMO though...)

If you still think this is a must for you, save your bucks, buy one on ebay for cheap (people tend to tire of these quickly; at least I did), and use it for it's artistic expression and distortions.

Certainly don't buy into all the LOMO company's clever hype without reading around the web for vintage camera offerings matching this camera, and take the Lomo society's skewed reporting with a giant grain of salt.

A simple photography course or some time spent at a website like Phil Green's excellent will better your education on this, and give you a relatively unbiased perspective with which you can then go back and see this equipment for what it is.

5-0 out of 5 stars Klunky Heavy Smelly. . . beauty.
This is a very unique camera that can revolutionize your idea of what a snapshot is. This camera is easy to use, and with some patience and a still hand, can take unrivaled photos in any situation, even in pitch black!

I highly recommend this camera, although I got mine for $105 on eBay new... you may want to check out a cheaper source such as this.

5-0 out of 5 stars i am in love
best of, most beautiful, too much fun to be true, still surprising after many rolls of film (and it is the good surprises you get with the lomo), a true jewel of the old era
anybody who complains about dropping the camera and it not working should get a single use camera, no doubt.
for the ones that like to experiment, investigate, be free and play and get that incredible rush of taking pictures immediately and on the spot 'cause the beauty of a single moment is just simply irresistible, get a lomo and every single cent you spend on it will come back 1000 times.
i own them all, leica, nikon, elph, you name it, my lomo is my best friend. yes, she has her moods and temper, but she also gives you pictures of the sheer impossible.

3-0 out of 5 stars tricky but super fun
For the price, well lets just say I agree with another reviewer, its a bit fragile (mine is BROKE and the film counter was the first to go , then the front of the camera, now it just will not work- off to the repairman- thank goodness I got it on ebay for $55....)Although this was my 2nd one- first never had any problems but was lost/ stolen. BUT BUT BUT- you get the most fabulous photos ever. I LOVE IT!

1-0 out of 5 stars buh.
I received my lomo as a gift last year, thankfully when it was still twenty dollars less than it is now. It fell once out of my pocket and broke. The counter was then got stuck on 36. While trying to fix it, it slipped out of my hands and once again fell. This time, the counter fixed itself, but the front is now coming off, and when I press the button in it gets stuck unless I apply pressure to the front of the camera. Well, wait now it won't even take a picture. For the price, the lca isn't worth it from Get it from Ebay, instead of wasting your money on plastic that breaks after only one drop. A toy camera shouldn't cost 200 dollars. When people ask me how much my lca is they're shocked. Sure, the pictures sometimes come out really great, but it's not even worth the trouble. ... Read more

24. FUJI FILM Purple QuickSnap Color Camera (25 Exposures)
by Fuji Film

Asin: B00006I59K
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Fuji Film
Sales Rank: 9182
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • With this camera from Fuji, you can capture all of your fun-filled memories and look good doing it
  • This one-time-use QuickSnap camera features a built-in flash and an electrifying, translucent, techno-color body in a wild & crazy shade of purple!
  • Inside this groovy little 24mm camera, you'll find 25 exposures of high-quality 800 speed Fuji film

25. Canon EOS Elan 7 E Date 35mm SLR Camera (Body Only)
by Canon
list price: $650.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000053HF6
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Canon
Sales Rank: 7168
Average Customer Review: 4.63 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The Canon Elan 7 E Date features the eye-controlled focus system, thefastest means of focusing and metering a photographer can find. By using morefocusing points and greater off-center coverage than other cameras in its class,this camera is able to take an exact reading in approximately 1/20 of a second.When the photographer brings the camera to their eye, their glance is tracked bythe focusing system, allowing framing and focusing to become a singleuninterrupted creative process. An easy, one-time calibration is all that'sneeded to activate the eye-controlled focus system. Once this calibration iscomplete, the camera is able to precisely detect which part of the viewfinderthe photographer is using. It then automatically focuses the lens with amazingaccuracy.

This system delivers crisp, sharply focused images whether thecamera is in a vertical or horizontal position. The Canon Elan 7 is even able tostore the distinct calibrations of up to five different photographers. Using anEF 300mm f/2.8 IS lens, it can track a subject moving at 186 mph until it's amere 66 feet from the camera. This fast-focus system, combined with the abilityto shoot at almost 4 frames per second, makes the Canon Elan 7 the perfectchoice for capturing those demanding sporting events or special occasions whenyou don't want to miss a single moment. And considering its continuous shootingspeed, the Elan 7 is also remarkably quiet. This feature gives the photographerthe opportunity to shoot the perfect wildlife scene without disturbing orscaring the subject.

Part of the Elan 7's focusing system is the seven-pointwide-area autofocus. The eye-controlled focus system was designed to workespecially with this precision feature. Seven focusing points are arranged in awide cross pattern with a central "cross-type" sensor. The wider-than-usual areagives the photographer the ability to achieve a remarkably sharp, focused imageinstantly. This function works whether the subject is off-center, stationary, inmotion, in low light, or even in low-contrast situations. The shot will stillcome out sharp and crisp, and without the need to recompose the shot. By usingthe focusing-point selection keys, the user is able to select any of the sevenfocus points simply by pressing a key. Representing a bold innovation in speedand usability, this feature gives an additional amount of image control back tothe photographer.

A highly advanced metering system, comprised of 35-zoneevaluative metering sensors, is linked to the seven focusing points. Whethershooting indoors or outside, day or night, a seamless integration of exposureand focus assures remarkable clarity and contrast in any image. This systemgives the photographer accurate control over situations that combine light andshadow or that feature strong backlight. When metering subjects against verydark or very bright backgrounds, partial-area metering measures 10 percent ofthe viewfinder around the chosen focusing point. This provides accurate imageresults when dealing with shadows or highlights. The photographer can also usethe Elan 7's center-weighed metering function. This mode places greater emphasison what it reads as the center of the frame by measuring the entire scene. Nomatter which function the photographer chooses, precision metering isguaranteed--whether the camera is in a vertical or horizontal position.

Givingthe photographer even more creative control is the command dial. This allowsmanual control light, speed, aperture, and depth of field. Shutter priority letsthe photographer choose the shutter speed, while the Elan 7 automaticallyselects the correct aperture. This function is especially useful when capturingaction shots. With aperture priority, the photographer picks the aperturesetting while the camera chooses the correct shutter speed. This is helpful whencontrol over the depth of field is essential. Using the eye-controlled focussystem to define the "sharp zone," the photographer can calculate the precisedepth of field automatically. It's even possible to check the depth of fieldusing the preview button. For added creativity, and to help everyone rememberwhen all those special occasions took place, this particular model of the CanonElan 7 will let the photographer print the date and time on the final image. ... Read more


  • Fixed new laser-matte screen with 7 focusing points
  • High-speed or silent rewind modes
  • 19.5-millimeter eye relief
  • Eye-controlled focus
  • Auto advance to the first frame

Reviews (27)

5-0 out of 5 stars An outstanding camera
ELAN 7e is an outstanding camera with a very impressive performance. From the day I have purchased this body, it has functioned flawlessly. I believe that this body is suitable for serious amateurs who wish to work either fully manually, semi-manually or full-automatic modes, whichever they desire. I have preferred Canon to other brands for the following reasons: 1. The dials are more handy and easy to access to 2. Canon provides USM lenses capable of working very silently. 3. Unmatched reputation of body endurance 4. The built-in eye-controlled auto focus system allows very fast and accurate way to focus (and it is a miracle, it has not focused on a single wrong focusing point as of yet.). In my opinion, it IS worth the extra you pay for it! 5. The body is very sturdy. 6. Canon has a wide service network. 7. Infrared remote controlling is enabled, allowing as much as needed time to compose the picture and place yourself in it. The diopteric adjustment is also useful for myopes like me. It has a lot of additional features that come in handy. I have to emphasize that I am not a professional so I can only recommended this body to serious amateurs. For beginners in photography, Canon Rebel will be just as good. If you intend to buy this body, do not go for 28-90mm lens but prefer the 28-105 F/3.5-4.5 II USM lens instead and definitely purchase a tripod.

5-0 out of 5 stars Fantastic beginners camera
For the record, I have been using this camera for over 2 years now and I shoot mainly nature and people.

The Canon Elan 7E/EOS30 is a fantastic all around camera for beginners/intermediate photographers.

At the time of buying this camera, there was a confusion whether to choose the rebel or the elan 7E. I would very strongly recommend anyone to consider buying the intermediate Elan 7 as compared to the basic rebel. The rebel has a very "plasticky" feel to it and if I remember correctly, there is a single knob to set both the aperture and the shutter speed. Once you move away from shooting it as point and shoot, you will realize that the single knob can get incredibely irritating.

As for the "E" i.e. eye focus, I never really used it too much but am planning to shortly. So you can save some money by getting the Elan 7, if you so wish since the Eye feature is essentially just a gimmick. Now I also wish I had got the date feature, since down the road it might be an useful tool. (say, 40 yrs, from now, you want to know when the picture was taken ;) )

The most wonderful thing about the ELan 7E is that it allows you to grow with it...It offers a whole bunch of features, that I think will take you from a beginning stage (point and shoot) to a more advanced stage (total manual) phase. After shooting over 20 rolls of film and slide, I still find myself reading the manual and noting down some new feature to try out on my next roll.

Small piece of advice for beginners.. I realize now that the money you spend on lenses might be worth almost more than the money you spend on the camera. Coz even the best camera cannot produce a decent picture with a bad lens. I would strongly recommend avoiding the standard lens(28-90mm, I think) that comes bundled with it (even if the total package is cheap). I bought the body separate and then a canon 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 lens and I have never regretted the decision. Its a relatively sharp lens at both ends and is always mounted on my camera for shooting almost anything. If you are on a tight budget get the Canon 50 mm 1.8 II which sells in most shops for under $100. I am now slowly saving up for a L series lens.

Besides the usual preset options like portrait,landscape,closeup,sports,night mode,the Elan 7E offers a whole bunch of features that I found really useful. Here are some of them,

1) Depth of field preview button.
2) DEP (depth of field AE) - this really helps if your lens does not have a distance scale (like the 28-105mm). Say for e.g., you need to preset the depth of scale from 0 to infinity, this feature helps you to achieve that effect without the distance scale on your lens.
3) AE lock
4) Exposure compensation - you can set the exposure compensation upto + or - 2 stops in half stop increments and you can do it without taking your eyes of the viewfinder.
5) Auto exposure bracketting - for those really important pictures that you dont want to miss :)
6) bulb exposures - allows you to have as long a exposure as you want. I found this really useful. I hear that some cameras have limitations on how long they can be exposed. (RS - 60E3 shutter release cable is really useful for this)
7) multiple exposures
8) mirror lockup etc etc etc.

The built in flash suffices for all my needs. Lots of people in this website recommend the battery pack, but I would suggest anyone buying this camera to first check it out themselves. I find the grip good enough for me.

All in all, I just love this camera. I have been having great fun for past 2 yrs with it and am confident of having lots more fun for few more years at least and I dont think you will get a better performance for this price...If you have the money, just get it & start shooting !!

1) Solid feel and good looks
2) Enough bells and whistles to keep you curious and interested for quite some time.
3) focussing point selection with seven focussing points (auto or manual)
4) whole bunch of lenses to choose from
5) built in flash
6) Rugged build - have used extensively in real hot weather(AZ) as well as sub zero temperatures (MI)
7)Relatively light and compact.
8)Best price/performance ratio

1) I feel an LCD would have been invaluable tool to have during low-lit situations
2)Lack of spot metering - this is one feature I would have loved to use.
3)Auto focus fails to activate when you try to shoot closeups(macros), cloudy landscapes or under low light situations

4) Depth of field preview button is hidden...I have never been able to activate it without taking my eyes off the viewfinder !

4-0 out of 5 stars Very Happy Canon User
I read the previous reviews and agree with most everything. This is a great camera that can be easily used by a beginner but has the features wanted by experienced pros.

The one thing I was disapointed in is that it did not say anywhere, until I already purchased the "E" model and read the manual, that the EYE CONTROL DOES NOT WORK IF YOU WEAR CONATCT LENSES. The "E" model was a waste of money for me due to this and that is the reason I gave this camera 4 out of the 5 stars.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great upgrade from EOS rebel but avoid Eye Control
I upgraded to this camera from the EOS Rebel 2000. This time around, I did things right by just buying the body instead of getting the body+lens option. I did this b/c the quality of the lenses that come with the combined package usually are optically a joke. This time, I picked this camera up with 2 separate lenses...Canon 28-135mm IS USM and the Canon 100mm macro USM lenses. Both of these lenses have a super fast and quiet ultrasonic motor...the crappy lens that comes with the combo option will likely not have this option. You get what you pay for.

I am very very pleased with the performance of this camera. The weight feels very good in my hands...the knobs and buttons are well placed. Although this camera does not have a spot meter, it has a partial meter which will serve you fine.

If I could do it all over again, I would have gotten the plain old Elan 7 w/o the eye control. I find that eye control is not effective with only 7 focusing points...also, the need for repeated calibration to perfect this is annoying. I find myself using the center focusing point only and recomposing. Save yourself some cash to spend on lenses/filters/etc. and forget the eye control or the quartz date options.

While this camera has a very quiet whisper drive, don't let the marketing fool you since the slap of the mirror still sounds the same as you trigger the shutter.

Love this doesn't feel flimsy at all. Great buy for an intermediate photographer. I would also recommend picking up the 420EX speedlite as it was designed to work specifically with the Elan 7/7e.

4-0 out of 5 stars A Good Camera
I received this camera as a gift and have thoroughly enjoyed it.
The instructions were easy to follow and gives tips throughout on becoming a better photographer.

The camera was light and easy to carry and button use was simple. My only complaint was I felt the flash was inadequate but overall its a good camera. ... Read more

by Nikon

Asin: B0000ADY4X
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Nikon
Sales Rank: 10969
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • When it comes to serious photography, the SLR is the choice among professional users. When it comes to joining superb performance and extreme ease-of-use, the Nikon N65 35mm SLR is an obvious choice among wise consumers.
  • 6 Segment 3D Matrix metering with 5 programmable auto exposure modes and a manual exposure mode
  • Automatic (with 5 detection sensors) and Manual Focus modes
  • Uses Nikon F and AF series lenses (lens is not included)
  • Built-in Matrix Balanced Fill Flash plus shoe for optional external flash

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