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61. Panasonic SVAV20A MPEG4 eWear
$34.99 $29.99
62. Panasonic KX-FA83 Toner Cartridge
63. Panasonic PV-L750 VHS-C Camcorder
$1,707.99 $1,549.00 list()
64. Panasonic PT-LB10U PT-LB10U Mobile
65. Panasonic 512 MB Secure Digital
66. Panasonic PVDV702 MiniDV Multicam
67. Panasonic KV S3065CL - sheetfed
68. Panasonic PVGS50S MiniDV Ultra
69. Panasonic PVDC252 MiniDV Ultra
70. PANASONIC CGR-H701A/1GB Rechargeable
71. Panasonic PVDV851 MiniDV Digital
$239.95 list($399.99)
72. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1S 2 MP
Too low to display $234.00 list($299.99)
73. Panasonic SVAV25 D-Snap Multi
$489.99 list($749.95)
74. Panasonic Network Camera (KX-HCM250)
$26.99 $26.84 list()
76. Panasonic PVL452 VHS-C Mulitcam
$7.99 $5.99 list()
77. Panasonic ZR-6PA/4B PowerEdge
78. Panasonic VDRM30 DVD Digital Camcorder
79. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC33 3.2MP
$84.99 $68.77 list()
80. Panasonic Black Print Cartridge

61. Panasonic SVAV20A MPEG4 eWear Digital Camcorder/Still Camera (Blue)
by Panasonic
list price: $299.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008OLBO
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 4308
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The stylish Panasonic e-wear SVAV20 (Blue) combines a digital video recorder, digital still camera, digital audio player (with new SD-Jukebox software), and a digital voice recorder into one ultra-compact package. This palm-sized camcorder features a user-friendly interface and improved video resolution over its predecessor, the SVAV10.

The new user-friendly interface makes recording easy, without having to scroll through menus. The SVAV20 features enhanced picture quality with an MPEG4 frame rate (15 frames per second) for video and 640 x 480 resolution for JPEG still images. A swiveling 2-inch LCD screen and two record buttons allow you to shoot comfortably with the unit in either the horizontal or vertical position. A new 2x digital zoom helps bring subjects into closer view.

The SVAV20 includes a built-in flash for taking digital still pictures in low-light situations. A built-in USB interface makes it easy to transfer music from a PC to an SD Memory Card for playback, while the included SD Jukebox software provides a simple way to catalog and save numerous digital music files in a single database on a PC. The SVAV20 is compatible with the MP3 and AAC formats. A built-in speaker lets users listen to any recorded audio.

Other features include:

  • 32 MB Secure Digital memory card
  • Weighs just 3.25 ounces
  • 2-inch LCD screen
  • Software includes SD Jukebox 3.0 and SD MovieStage 2.0
  • Compatibility with Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP
  • Packaged with AC adapter, USB cable, handstrap, earphones, and rechargeable battery
... Read more


  • Ultracompact MPEG4 digital camcorder weighs just 3.25 ounces
  • Also functions as digital audio player, voice recorder, and still camera
  • Built-in falsh, swiveling 2-inch LCD screen
  • Includes 32 MB Secure Digital card
  • Compatible with Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP

Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars I love this product!!
This little camera is not for the "professional" videographer or photographer, but it's fantastic for the casual user. We use it to send digital photos, and short movie clips of our children to their grandparents on the east and west coasts. It's easy to use, and it's compact size makes it easy to take along. We upgraded the memory to 256MB for ~$80. That allows us about 40mins of video, or about 2000 photos. This is a great entry-level purchase to capture those rare moments with ease. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to be able to take a photo or short video of an event, then stick the camera in their pocket and join in! ... Read more

62. Panasonic KX-FA83 Toner Cartridge for KX-FL511 Laser Fax/Copier Machine
by Panasonic
list price: $34.99
our price: $34.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00009960M
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 4150
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The Panasonic KX-FA83 replacement black toner cartridge is designed specifically for use with the Panasonic KX-FL511 Laser Fax/Copier Machine. This easy-to-replaceunit will extend the performance of your investment, delivering print and copy resolutions of up to 600 x 600 dpi, depending on your machine settings. Each package contains one replacement toner cartridge. ... Read more


  • Replacement black toner cartridge
  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-FL511 laser fax/copier machines
  • Achieves up to 600 x 600 dpi print/copy resolution
  • Easy-to-change design
  • 1 cartridge per package

63. Panasonic PV-L750 VHS-C Camcorder
by Panasonic
list price: $599.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004T1M1
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 7725
Average Customer Review: 3.42 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The Panasonic PV-L750 camcorder offers many features beyond the standard camcorder.With VHS compatibility you have the flexibility to play tapes in your VCR. Its 26x/300x zoom capabilities and 480,000-pixel CCD allow for extraordinary close-ups with high resolution.If you see a shot that requires a quick switch from wide angle to zoom, the PV-L750 has a 2-second quick zoom option. It even offers an 8 MB CompactFlash memory card so you can store digital still shots for transfer to your PC. The built-in digital still camera is unique in that it lets you superimpose a shot into the corner of the LCD screen and on the image you are recording.For low-light shooting conditions, the PV-L750 has a built-in automatic light. ... Read more


  • 26x high-definition zoom, 300x digital zoom
  • 4-inch color LCD monitor
  • Built-in automatic light
  • Uses VHS-C format tapes
  • Memory card allows you to take digital still shots and easily transfer them to your PC

Reviews (12)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Camera for a great price
This camera has everything you ever wanted on for this price. Built in Digital still camera with 640 x 480 resolution, 300x digital and 36x zoom, lots of efects, very easy to use.

Every camera has ups an downs, the ups on the PVL-750 are: A lot of stuff in it, VHS-C format (you can view your recordings in your VCR)Digital still camera (not a lot of pixels, but it's ok for a first digital cam)Big LCD panel (4") The kit includes everything except the tripod, case and tape converter. The downs on the PVL-750: Everything you want that it dosen't has. My camera is 1 year old, and it's worknig great, i take it everywere (beach, picnic, race track, birthdays, Xmas, etc.) i have taken more than 500 pictures and have made 3 albums. The pictures don't look like a 28 or 35mm camera but with a editing program like corel or photoshop you can make them look ok. I bougth this camera because i wanted to make home movies, take pictures of my 6 month old daugther, i really didn't needed a sofisticated camera or a 8mm or hi8 format, i just wanted something to have fun, of course, i wanted also quality and low price. With this cam you can view your movies on your vhs (if you have the converter) and still be recording your camera at the same time, with 8mm or hi8 you can't do it (not with the proper equipment) with the PVL-750 all you need is and extra tape and the converter, and your on you way. Remenber if you want a camera with a lot in it, but want a affordable price this is the one. Take my word on it.

Check all the other cameras out there first, i know you'll be buying the PVL-750. Good luck and take care you all.

P.S. ANDYBOY, if your camera was defective why didn't you return it, and why you bougth it if you knew all the features in it.

1-0 out of 5 stars Broke 3 months after warranty was up!
I finally have a place to discuss my terrible dislike of this camcorder and service from Panasonic. We bought this camera 3 years ago and it never worked right from the start. One of the reasons we bought it was for the built in digital camera. Well my 2 year old son could draw a picture better than the quality it produces. The interface to my computer to upload the camera never worked right and Panasonic was never able to properly troubleshoot the issue. Well my warranty ran out about 3 months ago (had 3 year warranty) and wouldn't you know that it stopped working. Never dropped, hit or nothing and the day of my son's 2nd bday, I went to put tape in and the thing kept humming and spinning the tape but not recording. Not worth having fixed as I heard terrible things about Panasonic customer service, so I am going to buy a new one now!


5-0 out of 5 stars Very verstile (combo video/still shot)




5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent
I wrote an earlier review of this camera and wanted to give an update on something.

I thought this was a great camera, but the only problem is the mini-VHS format only gives you 30 minutes of recording time.

I was in a Circuit City store several weeks ago, and I found you can now get 40 minute tapes. This isn't too bad, and I like the VHS-C format because you can just plop the tape into the adaptor and play it into your existing VCR. The 8mm and super 8 mm cameras require you either purchase an expensive 8 mm player or else cable the camera to your VCR. This is no big deal, except that I like to keep my camera in the trunk of my car in case I see something worth filming, and this way I don't have to carry it back and forth between the house and the car just to see the latest piece of footage. ... Read more

64. Panasonic PT-LB10U PT-LB10U Mobile Projector XGA 2000 Lumens 4.8LBS Cross Platform

our price: $1,707.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002H4KZW
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: PANASONIC
Sales Rank: 10371
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

65. Panasonic 512 MB Secure Digital Card
by Panasonic

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00007FS77
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 10888
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Stores audio, video, picture and voice files
  • Data transfer rate of 10MBps
  • Includes SD Memory Card case
  • Read Speed: Up to 3MBps

Reviews (1)

5-0 out of 5 stars High-capacity card with many capabilities.
I recently purchased the 512 MB SD card, as I have owned other Panasonic SD cards and I am most impressed with this one. You can not image how much information can be written to this card! I can pile as many pictures as I want and almost never have to worry about it using up all the memory because it can store up to 7,000 JPegs. Also, you can put 11 hours of songs from your MP3 player on it. I like the fact the SD cards are compatible with many of my products, and that I can store information in different formats such as audio and still pictures. I highly recommend the Panasonic 512 SD card to anyone looking for a new MultiMedia card. ... Read more

66. Panasonic PVDV702 MiniDV Multicam Digital Camcorder w/ 3.5" Color LCD, IR Remote, 8MB SD Memory Card
by Panasonic
list price: $999.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000064578
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 6415
Average Customer Review: 3.67 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The multi-tasking Panasonic PV-DV702 features a digital camcorder, digital still camera, and teleconferencing Web camera capabilities--all in one easy-to-use camcorder. You also get a 3-inch LCD screen and picture-in-picture viewing. The DV702 can record video in total darkness with remarkable detail with the MagicVu IR filter. Subjects can be recorded up to 10 feet away, and in your choice of black and white, blue, or green imaging. The DV702 also includes an 8 MB Secure Digital (SD) memory card for storing digital stills and MPEG4 video.

With an optical zoom power of 10x, the DV702 also has a 700x digital zoom, which works by electronically enhancing the optical image, that can magnify the picture up to 700 times. The digital image stabilization system keeps the picture steady and solid throughout zooms and camera shakes.

The DV702 has a large, 3-inch LCD screen, which also offers picture-in-picture (P-I-P) viewing. This enables you to insert a small still shot over the video being recorded. The miniaturized digital still image appears in the right corner of the video during playback.

Digital Stills and MPEG Video
You can store your digital stills directly on the MiniDV tape or the SD memory card. The camcorder can be switched into a mode called progressive photo shoot, so that images captured will not have the jagged lines of interlaced video and come out clear and undistorted. The digital stills are in JPEG format and have a resolution of up to 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. An included USB cable lets you easily transfer still images to your computer.

You can also record videos in high-quality, high-compression MPEG4 format, making it simple to transfer them from the camera to a PC to save, edit, e-mail, or post on the Internet.

MiniDV Format
MiniDV digital technology delivers clear, sharp video with up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution--far superior to the 240 lines of resolution offered by 8mm camcorders. You'll also get minimal color noise interference for a more stable picture.

Using Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) technology, Panasonic's MiniDV camcorders provide pristine sound. Choose from 12-bit or 16-bit audio recording modes.

  • 16-bit audio includes one set of stereo audio tracks to produce CD-quality sound.
  • 12-bit audio uses two sets of audio tracks, so you can easily add background music or commentary to your videos while maintaining the existing soundtrack.

This is all delivered on a cassette that's 1/12 the size of a standard VHS tape. A MiniDV tape offers digital recording time of two full hours--20 times the capacity of a CD. ... Read more


  • MiniDV camcorder
  • 10x optical, 700x digital, zoom with image stabilization
  • 3.5 inch color LCD with black and white EVF
  • 1280 x 960 (interpolated) digital still resolution--records onto both tape and SD card--8 MB card included
  • Includes built-in light, zoom mic, remote control, and external mic input

Reviews (6)

1-0 out of 5 stars mechanically unsound
Feature wise this model is OK, although it is missing two key features: color viewfinder(useful under bright light) and analog input(dubbing analog tapes). However my unit has been having mechanical problems right after the waranty expired. The camcorder would refuse to load any cassette, more often than not the tape will get jammed inside the camcorder. I had to cut off one recorded tape (thus losing my recordings) to get it out of the machine. Switching different brand of tapes did not help either. I do not recommend this unit at all.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Feautures
The camcorder is pretty easy to handle, it's a standard horizontal layout but it's pretty small. You can also save 30 second MPEG-4 clips to the SD cards.The 1.3 Mega Pixel CCD is better than the 1 Mega Pixel on the Sony DCR-TRV25 and the 1 Mega Pixel on the JVC GL-DV820U.The camcorder has an IEEE 1394 Firewire in/out port to transfer your video from your camcorder to your computer digitally. The camcorder also has a composite in/out port and an S-Video out port. The PV-DV702 also has a headphone jack. The PV-DV702 also has a microphone jack. Another neat feature on the PV-DV702 is an audio dubbing mode (only with SP video) which allows you to re-record the audio over pre-recorded video. You can also use the PV-DV702 as webcam using the USB port. Working with Microsoft NetMeeting or similar web cam software, the PV-DV702 can be hooked up to a computer to use it as web cam or a videophone.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best MiniDV ever!!!
The best MiniDV camera, it has all you need!!!.

5-0 out of 5 stars great consumer item
This camera does everything it claims. Beautiful picture from a one chip device; not many independent controls, but this is designed for auto operation and it does this very well. does not include a firewire cable inexplicably!!! and does not describe the connection upload speeds which would be helpful. USB is one minute per one second of video so put some coffee on. The still chip is directly accessible by Explorer on your PC so it is very fast. Stills are great feature. You can put any size chip in---I used a 128meg chip perfectly although the manual stops at 64 meg---poor documentation. Does a very good job of freezing golf swings!!! and was used for this extensively at Hilton Head last week. OVerall a great camera for the family if you want stills and minidv in one

5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding - couldn't be more pleased
I use this to record my kids athletic events and to date the unit has performed flawlessly. Picture quality is excellent, recording made in a gym look great on playback. ... Read more

67. Panasonic KV S3065CL - sheetfed scanner ( KV-S3065CL )
by Panasonic Office Automation

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0006U4UM8
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Panasonic Office Automation
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

68. Panasonic PVGS50S MiniDV Ultra Compact Digital Palmcorder (Silver)
by Panasonic
list price: $699.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008RUER
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 3179
Average Customer Review: 4.25 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The stylish, ultracompact Panasonic PVGS50S offers advanced features, including digital still photo capability, image stabilization, and the ability to create MPEG-4 video clips. The PVGS50S offers a 680K CCD, 10x optical zoom, 700x digital zoom, and 2.5-inch color LCD.

The PVGS50S is equipped with a 680,000-pixel CCD and 10x optical zoom It also features a 700x digital zoom that allows you to zoom in on incredible close-ups.

Digital Stills and MPEG4 Video
The PhotoShot built-in digital still mode is capable of capturing crystal-clear still images at high resolution. It has a high speed shutter when taking photos and can even take progressive phots which can be saved onto the MiniDV tape or to the included 8 MB SD memory card. You can also record MPEG4 video, which uses a higher compression setting and is great for posting to a Web site or e-mailing to friends and family.

Still images and MPEG4 video are stored on the included 8 MB Secure Digital (SD) memory card, and can be transferred to your PC via USB connectivity (compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0).

More Features
The picture-in-picture feature allows you to insert a previously taken digital still image into the video that is being recorded, to enhance the aesthetics of the final cut of the video. The cinema mode enables you to record video in wide screen mode, giving you a 16:9 aspect ratio that's the same as a movie screen. When played back on a television the result is dramatic looking cinema-like movies at home.

Other features include:

  • 2.5-inch tiltable LCD screen.
  • External microphone jacks allow for professional sound recording.
  • Remote control features include playback with special effects, zoom, and slow motion.

Inputs and Outputs
The PVGS50S comes with the standard DV IEEE 1394 port (also known as FireWire; Panasonic refers to this connection as iLink) for a super-fast, lossless connection to a PC or other DV machines.

MiniDV Format
MiniDV is the preferred format for personal and broadcast-quality video, highly regarded for its high audio and image quality. With 540 lines of horizontal resolution and minimum color noise, MiniDV delivers a 20 percent clearer picture than analog camcorder formats. This is all delivered on a cassette that's 1/12th the size of a standard VHS tape. A MiniDV tape offers digital recording time of 2 full hours--20 times the capacity of a CD.

This package includes the PVGS50S camcorder, 8 MB SD memory card, AC adapter, battery pack, shoulder strap, A/V cable, USB cable, wireless remote control, wired remote control, lens cap, and software. ... Read more


  • MiniDV camcorder with 10x optical and 700x digital zoom with electronic image stabilization
  • 680K pixel resolution
  • 2.5-inch color, swivel LCD, cinema mode, MPEG4 video
  • Saves digital stills to SD memory card; 8 MB card included
  • Connects to PCs and Macs via Firewire (IEEE1394); USB transfer for stills

Reviews (4)

4-0 out of 5 stars Great Camera
This Panasonic DV camcorder is a solid performer and a great value. I've been using it for several months, and it hasn't let me down at all. Battery life is good, picture quality is great, and audio quality is acceptable.

The basic features of this camera are intuitive and easy to use. You can have it out of the box and recording in no time (after you charge the battery). Video quality is high, and playback on the LCD screen is easy and watchable. It comes with nearly every imaginable cable, so you can hook it to whatever you want. However, I highly recommend a firewire (IEEE 1394) card for capturing video to a PC. I've used Pinnacle Studio software flawlessly with this camera, and produced very high quality results.

This camera is chock full of features. To be honest, I haven't used many of them, not yet having learned how. The instruction manual is 102 pages long, and you'll every last page if you're going to exploit all the features of this camera. However, it's not necessary to do so to get your money's worth. One note: still picture quality won't match that of a good regular digital camera, so I wouldn't recommend using it for that purpose, although it comes equipped with an SD card slot that enables the capture of stills.

This is a small, lightweight camera that will just barely fit in your hand. It'll go everywhere without being a burden. It's worked great for me, and I can highly recommend it. Enjoy.

4-0 out of 5 stars Yeah nice, WHAT!?!?!
I get this camerea, and it was almost perfect for filming. It doesn't get that high of resoultion for stills, but that's not why i bought it.. The sound quality was one of the setbacks, (you can adjust it to 12 or 14 kbps) , but on 14kbps it still wasn't as good as i expected. It's aslo very quiet.. i found myself talking louder than i normally would to make the voices a little more audible, however it picks up sound like in another room very well. The mic is useful, but you really don't want a mic poking out in a movie. The major setback is that you can only transfer stills and mpegs to your computer through the USB, so you HAVE to have a firewire card on your pc to edit your movies. I was really disappointed that i had to buy a firewire card, but i got one for $28 so it wasn't that big of a deal.
on the flip-side, it's is so small , and sneaking it places is easy, it fitws in my pocket, and i take it everywhere now. The battery charges rather quickly too.

4-0 out of 5 stars Very nice...however......
I love the camera for the purpose of recording those unforgettable moments, but when using to take digital's not so good. The pictures have a very low resolution and when the photos are printed (from both photo center and my home printer) they look like a computer screen picture. Even with the light feature on, they aren't very nice printed.

5-0 out of 5 stars Really slick
This is a great camcorder and a great buy. It's tiny, full-featured, and well designed with the usual Panasonic attention to ergonomics and practicality. The battery life is extraordinary for a battery this size. On the downside, the digital photo mode has fairly low resolution, but remember that any camcorder you're using as a digital camera will NOT have a flash, and that's very limiting anyway. So don't buy this (or any camcorder) to be an all-in-1 device or you'll be disappointed. On the plus side, the ability to record MPEG-4 video to either the DV tape or the SD card is great, although it will be an *.asf file and not .mpg (and no, you can't easily convert), so your file sharing may be limited. You'll likely prefer to record in regular mode instead and then capture it on your PC (via firewire) and save it to mpg. Overall a very impressive camcorder and a good operating manual, although you won't even need it to do the basics. And that's rare these days! Well done, Panasonic. ... Read more

69. Panasonic PVDC252 MiniDV Ultra Compact Digital Camcorder with 2.5" LCD, SD Slot & Digital Still Capability
by Panasonic
list price: $699.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000065AGA
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 909
Average Customer Review: 4.91 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

With an ultracompact design that weighs a little over a pound, the Panasonic PV-DC252 is a feature-filled camcorder that can easily be toted around on vacations and other special events. It features a large 2.5-inch LCD screen, a 10x optical zoom, remote control, and digital still capability with a SD memory slot.

With an optical zoom power of 10x, the DC252 also has a digital zoom, which works by electronically enhancing the optical image, and can magnify the picture up to 700 times. The digital image stabilization system keeps the picture steady and solid throughout zooms and camera shakes.

Digital Stills
You can store your digital stills directly onto tape or onto the included 8MB SD memory card using the camcorder's memory slot. The camcorder can be switched into a mode called progressive photo shoot, so that images captured will not have the jagged lines of interlaced video and will remain clear and undistorted. The digital stills are in JPEG format and have a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, good enough for e-mail or posting on the Internet.

Inputs and Outputs
The DC252 comes with the standard DV IEEE 1394 port (also known as FireWire) for a super-fast, lossless connection to a PC or other DV machines. You can also connect to your PC via a USB connection. S-video and RCA connections are also provided for direct viewing on a television or VHS dubbing.

You can save video and still photography on removable Secure Digital (SD) cards. One 8 MB SD card is included with the PV-DC252.

MiniDV Format
MiniDV digital technology delivers clear, sharp video with up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution--far superior to the 240 lines of resolution offered by 8mm camcorders. You'll also get minimal color noise interference for a more stable picture.

Using Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) technology, Panasonic's MiniDV camcorders provide pristine sound. Choose from 12-bit or 16-bit audio recording modes.

  • 16-bit audio includes a set of stereo audio tracks to produce CD-quality sound.
  • 12-bit audio utilizes two sets of audio tracks so you can easily add background music or commentary into your videos while maintaining the existing soundtrack.

This is all delivered on a cassette that's 1/12th the size of a standard VHS tape. A MiniDV tape offers digital recording time of two full hours--20 times the capacity of a CD. ... Read more


  • MiniDV camcorder
  • 10x optical, 700x digital, zoom with digital image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch color LCD; color EVF
  • Records digital stills up to a resolution of 640 x 480 onto included 8 MB SD card; also compatible with MultiMediaCards
  • Ultracompact size

Reviews (11)

4-0 out of 5 stars very good value
I did quite a bit of research before buying this camera. The online reviews were favorable, and just before buying it, I also noticed that Consumer Reports (CR) had rated its video quality as being very good (in the top 3).

The camera is fairly compact, not as compact as the Canon Eluras or the small Sonys, but it is more comfortable to hold because of its horizontal format.

Sound quality is simply excellent. The only extraneous noise picked up is the zoom motor. I cannot hear the tape transport motor on playback (this is a problem with some of the small Canons and Sonys). Video quality in good light is also very good. Good light includes indoor shots in a reasonably well lit room. In dim lighting, colors fade and the video does become a bit grainy. Otherwise, color fidelity is very good using the automatic white balance.

Image stabilization is very good except when at full zoom, but I understand this is a common phenomenon. CR indicates that other cameras have better stabilization.

I found the best playback option was connected to my TV using an S-video cable. The video looked incredibly good, much better than with the supplied composite video cable.

5-0 out of 5 stars Small, [inexpensive], Good
The old programming expression is "Fast, [Inexpensive], and Good: Choose two.". That can be extended to camcorders by changing it to "Small, [inexpensive], and Good: Choose two.".

However, the PVDC252 manages lets you choose all three. It is relatively [inexpensive], quite small, and very good. You can get smaller cameras (but not much), [inexpensive]cameras, and better cameras, but this one is a nice compromise between all three.

Size: It is smaller than my digital camera. Fits perfectly in your palm (hence 'palmcorder'), which makes it very easy to hold steady, unlike many of the smaller models. Despite its small size, the controls are fairly easy to use, with the exception of the 'menu' button, which is awkward to hit one-handed. I'm not quite sure how they manage to fit the minidv tape in there!

Quality: Image quality seems fine. Perhaps a little washed out on cloudy days, but this is not a surprise using any camera. Audio quality is EXCELLENT. Using the built in microphone on a fairly windy day, a person standing several feet away from the camera talking in a soft voice is perfectly audible. There is NO tape mechanism noise, which seems to be problem with other cameras in this price range.

Cost: If you pay more for a camera, you would get either 1) smaller size (not necessarily a good thing, this guy is small enough), or 2) Better image quality. You probably wouldn't notice much difference in image quality, unless you stepped up to one of the 'prosumer' cameras that'll set you back a couple thousand or so.

My only gripes are the somewhat clunky menu system (however, it's not really necessary for day-to-day operation), the slow tape eject mechanism (not so bad considering that they probably need to rearrange space and time to fit the tape in the camera), and the somewhat awkward position of the various plugs, a common problem on all small cameras.

Bottom line: Highly recommended.

5-0 out of 5 stars compact size, easy to use, HIGHLY RECOMMENED
I don't know how they built this camera, it is so small! But at the same time, it is fully packed with nice features and records sharp picture and superb sound.

First Video, this camera delivers 500 lines of horizontal resolution which delivers digital quality pictures. Features many special effects and fader, titles and PIP. Magicpix doesn't really do anyting, so don't buy it for that reason. 10x optical zoom is quite sufficient, yet 700x digital zoom is useless. This camera feature AV and S-video plugs for TV connections, and i-link/firewire/IEEE1394 for easy access for computer transfering for editing.

Audio is amazing, you hear no motor noise even in the quietest places. Audio pickup is superb with zoom mic, easy to hear people talking from a distance. Also feature wind cut. Choose between 12 or 16 bit sound.

Extras are quite good. Built in still camera is a nice feature, but don't expect 4 megapixel quality pictures. the included 8mb SD card stores between 50 and 100 pictures. Choose from normal, fine or eco mode. USB and software included for viewing photos on computer. Battery has quite decent life, for its size. up to 1 hour (or more with viewfinder). The LCD screen is easy to view, but the viewfinder is hard to see in, but at least its colour unlike other models. All controls are easy to reach. Includes lens cap, charger, battery, adapter, shoulder strap, 8mb SD card, IR and wired remote, AV and USB cable and editing software. I would suggest buying a good case. The Panasonic palmcorder camcase 7 fits quite well, with loads of room for accesories.


5-0 out of 5 stars Tiny, gorgeous, nice to use, very high quality results.
In Europe this model is called the NV-GS5, which is what I have, but it's otherwise identical.

I've had it a few months now. I bought it after lots of research, and after rejecting the "upright" style cameras because they're so hard to hold steady. This little Panasonic is still very small (and cute) but you have a chance of holding it reasonably steady. Having said that, even with the image stabiliser on, you will need a tripod to make decent use of even the 10x optical zoom.

Panasonic's main selling points for this camera seem to be its ability to record stills, MPEGs and voice clips onto SD card, but if you've already got a digital stills camera, you'll not be too excited about stills at 640 x 480, maximum.

Forget that, and notice the other advantages. As the top model in this range (the 352 is really quite different and a lot bigger) it gets a colour viewfinder, and an analogue AV input. That could be really useful. There appears to be a connector for just about everything you can think of, including the all-important external microphone. The lens has a screw mount for proprietary conversion lenses and filters too.

Performance wise, I have been very pleased indeed with the results. It focuses with alacrity (almost never caught out), produces a really crisp clean image in all but the murkiest conditions, and generally looks surprisingly close to broadcast quality. Sound is pretty good using the built-in microphone: lots of atmosphere. Unlike some mini-DV camcorders, the microphone is mounted right at the front, so you only notice camera noise when you film in a very quiet location.

It's quite easy to use, though you'll need to spend a little time with the horrible instruction book before you can use it confidently. At first I kept forgetting which menu contained which control. But some controls are easily accessible, like the manual exposure (nice to have) and focus wheel. Most things fall to hand well, though the menu button requires a double-jointed index finger...

On the whole though, I have few criticisms. It's small, looks great, is quite easy to use and most important, produces excellent pictures and sound. I'm very impressed.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great ultra-compact DvCam
The PVDC252 wasn't really on my list for Christmas as I was eyeing vetical-type Dvcams, specifically the JVC GRDVM76U. Then I happen to see the PVDC252 in an electronics store and it really caught my attention. The 'silver barrelled' lens looked really nice, plus the cold shoe attachment, and of course the price caught my attention. It had everything the JVC had, only that it is in the traditional 'horizontal' design. I played around with the unit and it grew on me quite quick. I did final research and even looked up the Sony MicroMv DCRIP5, but I kept going back to the PVDC252.

A full week before Christmas, I bought the PVDC252 - and I never looked back :-) The dvcam was really good for the price and yes, very compact (length-wise). It came with a lot of goodies (IR remote, wired remote, USB cable, charger/adaptor). Handling of the unit is simple and controls are wel within reach. The video output is quite exceptional and PC connectivity via Firewire is a snap (I used Adobe Premiere to capture my vids to my HD).

Got an additional battery (Lenmar LIP120) as a backup. The main battery works just great too, giving 1hr+ of recording time. The LCD is clear and easy to view, while the viewfinder is also easy to use, despite being quite small. It also has a built-in speaker so you can hear audio while playing back your recorded movies on the unit. Secure Digital slot for taking snapshots - of course don't expect digital cam-quality images - it's still best to leave that to dedicated digital cameras and IMHO, the digital 'photoshot' features in DV camcorders is just an extra convenience, not a replacement for digital still cameras. Nevertheless, the photoshots are decent for email/electronic scrapbook purposes. :-)

The zoom lens works smoothly and can be easily controlled. Audio pickup is very good. The camera feaures a 'zoom mic' too, which allows you to zoom in the audio in the same location you are zooming your view. And the wind cut feature is good to help mask wind noise while recording. And one thing very noticeable (or not noticeable) is that no motor noise gets recorded in (unlike some Canon models).

Conclusion: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - worth the price! And get a good dvcam bag with it (the Case Logic DVC-30 Camcorder case fits very well, check it out here in Amazon's listing). ... Read more

70. PANASONIC CGR-H701A/1GB Rechargeable Battery for Panasonic Portable DVD Players
by Panasonic

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002HA7NQ
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 4389
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • May be compatible with other current or future models as specified here or by the manufacturer

Reviews (1)

4-0 out of 5 stars Extra battery for the DVD-LS50 and LS55
There is no real information on this product on Panasonic's, Amazon's, or J&R's web site, so here goes.

I purchased this battery as a spare for my Panasonic DVD-LS50 portable DVD player (ASIN B00021Z98A). The package says that it's for the DVD-LS50 and the LS55. I don't know anything about the LS55, but this battery is identical to the one that comes with the LS50 - same shape, color, and size, same model number, same labels. I had to mark mine in order to tell them apart.

The package says that this battery provides 2.5 - 4 hours of power, but it really is just 2.5 hours. I can't see how it's possible to stretch that to 4 hours, which is why I bought this spare. You won't be able to watch 2 regular movies with just one battery.

The battery can only be charged when it's inserted into the DVD player, so it's not possible to charge this battery while using the other one to watch a movie. According to the manual, recharge time is 4 hours for the LS50 and 7 hours for the LS55.

I bought this battery at the same time I bought my DVD player, so I didn't know what I was getting. If you're doing the same thing, then let me describe the battery. It's 7x1x1.5 inches in size. It's actually smaller than that, but the shape is too hard to describe. Suffice it to say that you'll have no problem carrying this battery with you.

I gave this battery 4 stars instead of 5 because I think it's too expensive. It costs the same as a universal battery, but the only advantage it has is that it's smaller. ... Read more

71. Panasonic PVDV851 MiniDV Digital Palmcorder with Built-in Digital Still Mode
by Panasonic
list price: $1,599.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005AMCW
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 5087
Average Customer Review: 3.67 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Constructed with a 10x optical zoom, the PV-DV851 also has a number of other built-in features that make it an all-around champ.Digital image stabilization helps smooth out the shakes common to high zoom levels and handheld camcorders. Your shots can be framed using either the 2.5-inch LCD monitor, or the color EVF. A manual focus ring allows you to create interesting depth-of-field effects and to use other video techniques.

An external mic input is included, which means you have the ability to utilize more professional sound gear, if you so desire. Otherwise, you can just stick to the built-in microphone. A headphone jack is also included, making it easy to monitor the sound you are getting.

Professional videographers can adjust a number of camera functions based on what setting they are shooting in. Panasonic has conveniently included a five-mode program AE for just this purpose. Simply select the environment, and the camera will make the adjustments necessary to optimize footage. You can choose from among sports, portrait, low light, spot light, and surf and snow. You also get the added benefit of a number of digital effects and faders that can help add a bit of professional flair to your video creations.

Still images are captured at a resolution of 1,200 x 900 pixels onto the included 8 MB SD card. A USB card-reader accompanies the camcorder for easy download of your images. ... Read more

Reviews (3)

4-0 out of 5 stars Shes been good to me
This little camera here is perfect for everyday recording it does the job, but if u wanna make movies go for something better.not that the quality isnt great, but at high zoom, picture and stability isnt perfect.otherwise its a good reliable handy cam.I had it for a year and a half and its always done good.
I recommend u get a good battery with it tho, cuz the one that comes with it only last bout an hr.

5-0 out of 5 stars POWER BUY

2-0 out of 5 stars Heaven forbid yours should ever need repair
Mine did. When I could get Customer Service on the phone they couldn't find the unit. I have had to have it repaired three times in 6 months. Panasonic has been of almost no help until I brought my attorney into it. ... Read more

72. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1S 2 MP Digital Camera w/12x Optical Zoom (Silver)
by Panasonic
list price: $399.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00009RKPM
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 2074
Average Customer Review: 4.58 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The Panasonic DMC-FZ1 will accommodate all your digital-camera needs. This 2-megapixel camera produces sharp, crisp photos up to 8 by 10 inches that can easily be downloaded onto your PC using the USB port. With an amazing 12x optical zoom and an additional 3x digital zoom, capturing shots from great distances is not a problem. The built-in pop-up flash allows for shooting in low-light situations and can be quickly hidden with just a touch of the finger. All your images can be reviewed on the 1.5-inch LCD; menu options that appear onscreen will guide you through the options within the camera. The DMC-FZ1 is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and also comes with a case and software. ... Read more


  • 2-megapixel sensor creates 1,600 x 1,200 images for sharp prints at sizes up to 8 x 10 inches
  • 12x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom for 36x total
  • Expandable via Secure Digital memory cards
  • Connects with PCs and Macs via USB port
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery (included)

Reviews (19)

4-0 out of 5 stars An awesome camera for novices!
First, I'd like to say that I've owned about 7 different digital cameras, and this has got to be my favorite out of the bunch. I travel a lot, so I enjoy taking a lot of photos, and this camera has just made picture taking fun again! Its controls are easy to use, making it a great point-and-shoot camera for someone who's new to digital photography. The 12x optical zoom using a Leica lens is the BIGGEST optical lens on a digital camera, and the image stabilization help to make this huge zoom usable without a tripod. Thanks to the Leica lens, colors are vivid, and the photos come out crisp.

I only have two complaints about the camera, but only one is important: it's a 2 MP camera. With a lens like this, Panasonic should've made it at least a 3. That's the only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating...but I was still tempted to. I like to make 4x6 pics, but 2 MP doesn't make for nice 4x6's. The other complaint is that many controls and settings are preset, so serious photographers won't like it (but serious shooters would avoid it anyway, because it's a 2 MP).

All that said, at this price, you won't find a better point-and-shoot camera with a big zoom lens. The camera is compact (it still fits in the palm of my hand), has a fast start up time (considering the lens) and a fast shot-to-shot time. The controls and settings are easy to understand for beginners and did I mention the 12x zoom? It's a great camera for fun photography. If you don't make too many 4x6 prints, this camera is incredible--buy it!

This is my first digital camera, having used a Kodak Advantix with some zoom capability for the past several years. The cost of film, development, lost pictures and negatives made the purchase of a digital camera a no brainer. However, the one thing lacking from most digital cameras I had seen was an optical zoom. Digital zoom is almost meaningless, so don't be fooled by ads such as "3x Digital Zoom" which doesn't do much alone. I researched various other models, including the Olympus zoom models, but chose this camera because of the terrific price, quality glass Leica lense, compact size and the unbelieveable 12x optical zoom with picture stabilization, which is necessary to take non-blurry pictures at full zoom. The only concern I had was some negative comments by Amazon reviewers regarding low light photos. The first thing I did when I received the camera was take some photos of people in low light conditions at distances over 10 feet with the flash on. I discovered two things: (1) The pictures came out fine. (2) Hey I can use this thing without even looking at the instructions! It is a very simple camera to use, the screen menus are easy to navigate and activate options. The key theme here being the lack of frustration. There is a dial on the camera with little pictures or icons such as: a camera (when you are in normal photo mode), a car (to photo moving objects), a flower (to photo extreme close-ups), a person with a star above them (night photos). It can't be easier than that. Turn that dial to shoot video, press the shutter and you now are recording home video- as long as your memory card permits. I recommend purchasing a large memory card, 128 Megabytes is sufficient, since the 8 MB card that comes with the camera will only let you take about 30 high quality photos. The instruction manual is the best I have seen for an electronic product. Each page has a large heading at the top for the action you are trying to accomplish, i.e., take photos, record video, play back video, delete pictures. This makes it quick to find the topic. Underneath that heading are the simple steps, with diagrams showing you what to do. A positive of this camera is that once you learn how to accomplish an action, it is so intuitive you will likely never have to refer to the manual again once you have tried it.

I was unconcerned about some mild criticisms about the lack of manual adjustability of certain camera-tech related functions, which I admittedly do not understand. I am not a professional photographer so I don't feel as I am missing anything, nor will you if you just take casual family, event and vacation related photos.

The second day I had the camera I took it outside and shot some full zoom photos with the picture stabilization feature on. I was stunned by the detail, clarity and quality of the pictures I could obtain from objects at incredible distances. I cannot imagine ever using a camera without an optical zoom again. It simply opens up a whole new world of possiblilites for your pictures and frees you from the limitations of a regular camera, without the need to carry around a bunch of bulky zoom lenses like you might see a professional photogopher use.

The camera seems very sturdy, comes with a nice strap, fine lense cap with its own micro strap connecting it to the camera if you like, to prevent it from being lost. I was initially dissappointed that Amazon only offered the black model, but it looks nicer in person then on the web page. I am now glad they only sell the black version because it looks sharp. If you want some technical oriented reviews, versus an anecdotal review, there are many fine detailed reviews, with examples of actual photos taken using the camera on the web. I liked the one at Digital Camera Resource.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Poor Man's Digital SLR
Dumbfounded by the deluge of digicams? Spending more time obsessing on which digicam to buy, more than you did buying your house? Like the fact the users seem to fall in love with this little wonder but are put off by the fact it's only a 2 megapixel camera? Don't worry about the megapixels. The Lumix FZ1/FZ2 is rightfully developing quite a cult following with consumers, photography enthusiasts, and even professional photographers (read "FZ-1: A Pro-Level Digital Point & Shoot" by Frank Van Ripper from the Washington Post available on-line at If you can live without more megapixels, this compact camera has so much to offer. 2MP is more than you need for PC viewing, e-mail, and the web. It can and does provide sufficient resolution to make excellent photo-quality prints up to 5X7, and supposedly makes nice enlargements up to 8X10.

This is a compact, responsive, point and shoot camera with a robust feature set - including a capable burst mode (great for sports action shots and not found on cameras in this class), and true TTL framing via an EVF. There's enough to this camera to satiate the enthusiast - night portrait, portrait, panning, "normal" mode etc., and also has a fully automated mode if you want to let the camera do all the work, and just "focus" (pardon the pun) on composition. But what sets this digicam apart is the big zoom fixed Leica lens. It really is a word-class piece of glass with remarkable specs, especially considering its size. Combine this remarkable lens with an effective image stabilization system, and you have a "different animal" all together. This is a unique versitile and fun digicam that has so much more than others in its price range. Its limitations (weak pop-up flash, EVF cuts out in low light, noise above ISO 200, etc) are really more attributable to its class ($300 point and shoot) than the camera. However, it is capable of producing remarkable images, and once you start shooting with its high quality lens with an IS system, you'll never want a camera doesn't have them. Plus, it is an excellent value. If you don't do a lot of enlargements or cropping in a photo editor, I would recommend the FZ1 in a heartbeat over any other camera, regardless of the number of megapixels, in its price range, and most cameras that cost two or three times as much.

Now a word about megapixels. A megapixel is 1 million pixels (they're the little squares that make up the image...). So, this camera produces images that are 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. 1600X1200 = approx 2 million, hence 2 megapixels. Since going digital, I find that I view 90%-95% on my PC/laptop monitor. It's convenient, and priting them all would cost a small fortune, since now that I can snap away with wreckless abandon since film (for me) is a thing of the past. (I still use a lab to print. I would rather "borrow" the lab's $200,000 printer than own a $300 dollar consumer photo printer, plus it costs much less per print when you factor in the cost of the printer ink...) Okay, so my laptop's highest 32 bit resolution setting is 1024X768, the resolution of the FZ1 (1600X1200) exceeds that. Point is that since I view most of my pictures on a PC now, I gain NOTHING from a higher resolution camera with more megapixels in most circumstances. The 5% to 10% of pictures I print, I usually print at standard 6X4. Anything over 200 pixels per inch (ppi) is considered "photo quality" for printing, 150 ppi is considered "acceptable". As you get beyond 250 ppi on a print, the differences in resolution from a normal viewing distance are virtually invisible to the naked eye. IMO, I would fail a blind test, probably, if asked to guess the resolution of a picture between the 200 and 250 ppi range. 1600 (pixels)/6(inches) = 267 ppi, exceeding 250 ppi in length on a 6X4 (Note: technically, this formula isn't entirely accurate but is close enough for government work, and serves better as a quick illustration...). A 5X7 is 228 ppi, and an 8X10 is 160 ppi. Hence, this camera produces "photo-quality" images up to 5X7 and "acceptable" resolution up to 8X10. Most photo editors worth their disk space, like Photoshop, can resample images using bicubic interpolation to add pixels and boost resolution for the (very) occasional larger print. A very good product for this is Qimage, a free trial is available, and it's quite inexpensive to purchase. A hot shoe would have been nice but my understanding is that a "digital slave flash", which are quite reasonably priced, like the Vivitar AF200, work very well when you need a big flash.

Now consider, not a "scientific survey" but 3 or 4 folks I know own 3 to 5 megapixel cameras. (The 5 megapixel guy has a 10X optical zoom camera, made by one of the usual suspects, that cost 2X as much as the FZ1, but he doesn't even attempt zooming out beyond 5X without blurring the image, since his camera doesn't have IS). None of them kept their cameras on the highest setting thereby "using" all the megapixels. Why? Because the larger image files cut the amount of pictures they can store on their flash cards in half, their camera annoyingly "locks up" for a couple seconds while it writes a larger image file (often very frustrating), and they really can't notice a difference in quality on their prints, and they view most of their pictures on their PC. Let's say you have a 6 megapixel camera that had a cheap lens that introduced all sorts of distortion and a processing engine that rendered inaccurate colors. What would you get? A crappy picture with distortion and inaccurate colors rendered in all their ugly glory in high resolution. The FZ1 has the "best" lens on the market, and an excellent, innovative processing engine that provides "enough" but not "extraneous" megapixels to provide photoquality resolution for 99% of "real world" viewing formats. I believe that camera companies are exploiting the conspicuous consumption factor of camera consumers who wear their camera around their neck like jewelery. (The "name" + many megapixels = "the guy" equivalent of a pearl necklace to wear on a night out). It is therefore a great way for the camera co's to (finally) introduce planned obsolence into their offerings, dispensing with the days when folks held on to their cameras for decades until they finally died. I'm glad at least one manufacturer withdrew from the "great megapixel wars" and offered an excellent product based around real user needs and the true advantages of the full range of available technology - like IS and its processing engine, and did so at a very reasonable cost, instead of being just another combatant exploiting one aspect - "the megapixel", and the conspicuous consumption factor.

Get the picture?

5-0 out of 5 stars Wow! Hot Camera
I bought this camera in December of 2003, It's my first digital camera, and I know nothing about digital cameras or photography. There are some people where I work that are really into cameras and photography. A few of the people cringed when I told them I bought a Panasonic. When I showed it to them and told them about the features such as the 12x optical zoom and the Leica lens, those people quickly changed their minds about my camera. I read all the reviews here and someone mentioned that it doesn't take good 4x6 that person, are you nuts? They looked great to me, I used this camera to document the assembly of an engine for my friend's hotrod, I have taken about 40 pictures so far. I had them printed on as 4 x 6's and had one picture printed in 8 x 10 and they looked amazing! My friend was also impressed. One tip, purchase a bigger memory card than the 8mb that comes with it, it'll allow you to take about 8 pictures at full blown size and quality. I purchased the 128mb card and an extra battery. The bottom line is, buy this camera and 90% of the people you run into will be green with envy over your camera! Occasionally you'll run into someone who uses a high end camera who might snicker at this camera, but keep in mind folks, it's not a professional camera, it's a great amateur camera! In this price range, nothing can touch it. This camera is also offered in a 4MP model, When I saw that, I instantly wanted to upgrade because of the pixels. After reading these reviews today, I'm saving my money! Again, great camera.

5-0 out of 5 stars Incredible Camera
I made lots of research before buying this camera. I previously owned a Sony DSC-F707 which I sold because it was too bulky to carry around. The Sony was a great camera but I wanted something with a more powerful lens and an image stabilizer. The Panasonic was the only camera that seemed to fit my needs. I was hesitant at first because my Sony was a 5.0MP camera and the Panasonic only a 2.0MP camera. I read numerous reviews from other owners and researched websites like Steves Digicams, DC Resource and Megapixel.Net that spoke very highly of this camera. What I learned is that megapixels is an important feature to consider when choosing a digital camera, but there are other more important features to consider like the quality of components being used. This camera has a Leica lens. If you don't know anything about Leica, you should do some research and you will be amazed to know that Leica is a high end professional brand that is not cheap and considered one of the best in the world. The other item that stands out about this camera is the processor that converts the image to a digital image. This is a really important feature to consider because the processor is what determines how effective it is at converting the image to the original shot. This camera uses Panasonic's Venus image that does numerous functions at the same time which allows the camera to operate faster and smoother which is similar to the Digic processor on Canon cameras. This processor also increases image quality by 50%, because of this, the photos are far superior to any 2.0MP camera out there. The camera is extremely well built and very rugged. The photo quality from this camera is amazing, it honestly does not seem like a 2.0MP camera. The quality of the photos seems to close to a 4.0MP camera. The lens is extremely quiet and fast. The image stabilization works extremely well and allows you to take photos at full telephoto view without any problems. I highly recommend this camera. You will be impressed with the quality of construction, features and picture quality. ... Read more

73. Panasonic SVAV25 D-Snap Multi Audio/ Video Device
by Panasonic
list price: $299.99
our price: Too low to display
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0001E3XE0
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 995
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The ultra-compact Panasonic SVAV25 D-Snap digital video camera does it all. In addition to capturing high-quality MPEG4 video and digital still photos to an SD memory card, you can also use the SVAV25 as a digital audio player and voice recorder. The SVAV25 features a 2-megapixel digital still resolution, 2-inch flip-out LCD for reviewing your video and photos, and 2.5x digital zoom.

Video and Still Optics
Using the MPEG4 format, the SVAV25 saves video to Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia (MMC) memory cards (an 8 MB SD card is included). With the small size of MPEG4 files--featuring resolution modes of either 320 x 240 or 176 x 144--you can easily post video to your Web site or send files to friends and family via e-mail.

The following shows the approximate amount of continuous video that can be recorded on several sizes of SD memory card (including larger optional cards):

  • Super Fine (320 x 240, 1 Mbps): 0.9 minutes (included 8 MB card), 7 minutes (64 MB card), 15 minutes (128 MB card)
  • Fine (320 x 240, 420 Kbps): 2 minutes (included 8 MB card), 17 minutes (64 MB card), 35 minutes (128 MB card)
  • Normal (176 x 144, 300 Kbps): 2.5 minutes (included 8 MB card), 25 minutes (64 MB card), 50 minutes (128 MB card)
  • Economy (176 x 144, 100 Kbps): 8 minutes (included 8 MB card), 70 minutes (64 MB card), 150 minutes (128 MB card)
The SVAV25 has a 1/3.2-inch CCD for a 2-megapixel resolution--capturing enough image data for print enlargements up to 8 x 10 inches. It features1600 x 1200 (2 MP), 1280 x 960 (1 MP), and 640 x 480 (VGA--great for sending in e-mail) resolution modes. You can zoom in on subjects using the 2.5x digital zoom.

In addition to its motion and still image capability, the SVAV25 can also be used as a digital audio player--just slip in an SD card loaded with tunes and listen via the included earphones. It's compatible with MP3 and AAC audio files. And with the built-in microphone (monaural), you can easily record voice memos, lectures, interviews, and reminders to the SD card.

More Features

  • 2-inch flip-out LCD with 117,000-pixel resolution
  • Connects to your PC via USB 1.1 connectivity
  • Lens: F4 (4.5mm focal length)
  • Measures 1.06 x 2.43 x 3.06 inches (H x W x D)
  • Weighs 3.2 ounces

What's in the Box
This package includes the Panasonic SVAV25 digital camcorder, 8 MB SD memory card, battery pack, AC adaptor, stereo earphones, USB cable, carrying case, cleaning cloth, hand strap, and CD-ROM with USB drivers for Windows and the following Panasonic software (not Mac compatible):

  • SD MovieStage Ver. 2.5 displays MPEG4 motion images and JPEG still images in thumbnail form and plays them back on a PC. You can also cut and edit motion images and send e-mail with motion images attached.
  • SD Jukebox Ver. 4.0 Software transfers music from your SD memory card to your PC and allows you to rip CDs to your PC and convert music data to different PC music file formats. When ripping CDs, music information from the CD database (CDDB) is obtained automatically, including album title, artist and song title. You can also organize your songs by artist, title or personalized playlists. There is also a "Mood Analyzer" (Music Sommelier) that automatically selects songs to match your mood.
. ... Read more


  • Pocket-sized MPEG-4 SD video camera, 2-megapixel still camera, and digital music player--weighs just .2 pounds
  • 2.5x digital zoom lens with night view capabilities
  • 2-inch LCD flips up for recording and viewing video
  • Built-in flash, mic, and speaker and includes 8MB SD memory card and stereo earphones
  • Rechargable battery provides up to 2 hours of video recording time or 4 hours of music playback

Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great
I bought this for my boyfriend about a year ago and he absolutely loves this thing. He brings it everywhere he goes. Everyone is always asking what it is & think it's the coolest thing around. The battery lasts long and it's been working good for over a year with no problems. It's a gadget guys' dream.

3-0 out of 5 stars need to read
I have had this device for about a year now and I have been happy, for the most part, with it's performance. Everybody wants to know what it is and so forth. It's so small and mobile, makes for easy travel. On top of that it is surprisingly very durable. The only drawbacks I'd like to note for you are the zoom is not very powerful and the pics when taken in zoom function are not crisp. Additionally the software that is needed to run the product through my computer is nothing to brag about. Actually it slows the rest of the computer down so much at times it will lock my system up. Overall I do recommend to all the purchase of this model and for the price it's a fair deal. ... Read more

74. Panasonic Network Camera (KX-HCM250)
list price: $749.95
our price: $489.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00007FS0R
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 54827
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Panasonic Consumer (KX-HCM250) PANASONIC NETWORK CAMERA ... Read more


  • Network-enabled camera
  • Still images up to 640 x 480
  • Up to 30 frames/second
  • Easy to install and use
  • Check from any Web-enabled computer

Reviews (1)

4-0 out of 5 stars Works as advertised
I needed to watch my kids at home from the internet and wanted to be able to pan & tilt. I first bought 3 cameras from X10 for [money amount]. Bad quality picture, couldn't penetrate corporate firewalls and too dificult to adjust. After 20 days of experimenting & support calls I gave up and bought this. Got it up and running in 3 hrs., no support calls required, penetrates firewalls and really good quality video. Drawbacks - the Pan and tilt is much lesser than X10. Works on a/c only. Big plus - 802.11b rocks on my wireless network!! ... Read more

75. PANASONIC RP-SD064 SDMI Memory Card
by Panasonic

our price: $26.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006HOGV
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 10609
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

76. Panasonic PVL452 VHS-C Mulitcam Camcorder with 2.5" Color LCD & 8MB SD Memory Card
by Panasonic
list price: $399.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005YVQI
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 3469
Average Customer Review: 3.58 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Digital pictures aren't unique to digital camcorders anymore--the Panasonic PV-L452 functions as both a VHS-C camcorder and a digital camera. It also features a large 2.5-inch color LCD, 20x optical zoom, high-performance two-hour battery, and special digital effects like strobe, wipe, and 16:9 widescreen. You can even digitally add color filters to your video without having to attach one to the lens.

It features an optical zoom magnification of 20x along with a 750x digital zoom, which works by electronically enhancing the optical image. The digital image stabilization system keeps the picture steady and solid throughout zooms and camera shakes.

Digital Stills
The PhotoShot mode allows the L452 to take digital stills, storing them on the included 8 MB Secure Digital card. SD memory cards are high-capacity memory cards that can be easily connected to PCs, TVs, and PDAs that are equipped with an SD slot. The MagicPix function produces full-color still images when you're in low-light situations.

Inputs and Outputs
The standard RCA input/output and cable is included, so you can hook the camcorder to a TV for convenient viewing or to a VCR for dubbing to regular VHS. ... Read more


  • VHS-C camcorder
  • 20x optical, 750x digital, zoom with digital image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch color LCD; black and white viewfinder
  • Records digital stills onto included 8 MB SD card
  • Color digital filter effect for sepia, red, yellow, blue or green tones

Reviews (12)

5-0 out of 5 stars Very nice for the price
I think this camcorder/camera is very nice!! I have used it to download pictures and they turn out great. I did have a little problem with it saying that it was not connected but after just trying a few more times it worked. I love it and especially for the price and the accessory kit. I am anxious to use it more!! You can find the memory cards at at good deal. I bought a 64mb one so that I will have lots of room. Lots of gadgets on the camcorder but will take time to figure them all out but I think a VERY good deal for the price!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars robert
I bought this camera with my money, and i have never been happier with anything else. The resolution is great, its got many effects, and the digital camera works great. One thing I love about the digital camera is that you can hook up the camera to the TV, turn on the digital camera, and play the pictures, creating a slide-show. I really like the way the camcorder part is easy to use; I was able to teach myself how to use it and I'm a first time user. So, it is a great first time use camera.

4-0 out of 5 stars Works good for the money I spent on it!!
This is probably one of the best electronics I have bought in a while, the only complaint I have on it is you need good light to take pictures or video tape anything, otherwise it comes out fuzzy and slightly blurry. It works great other than that. I already have transfered about 300 pictures onto my computer and have enhanced and printed them out. I would like to have something smaller to take pictures but I am happy w/ what I have until I get some extra $$$ to spend on a small digital camera.

1-0 out of 5 stars YEA-RITE!!!!!!
man I feal sorry for the one who got theres for $66.00 i would hav given mine to him mine broke the same day i got it, and wal*mart wouldent give me a re-found becou i threw away the box and stuff...........................OVER-ALL, this cam, is dead wieght. I boght it to film skateing with me and my friends, and it F#$%ed up the same day I was the damn laghing stalk for the day. so..... take my advise and get the {Samsung Hi8™ Camcorder- SAM SCL906} for $299.00 at circut city or

1-0 out of 5 stars This camcorder is crap folks
First let me say that i didn't buy this camera from but from wal-mart.After purchasing this camera it wasn't a week after using it and the focus would blur out after extensive use..So needless to say i returned the camera to the store and got a 2nd.Ahh just to learn that the cassette door wouldn't stay shut when i tape was in place.So i returned it and got a 3rd one to think it would be a charm right?..Not! After using it for a month or so the lens went out..Would record sound just fine but no video.:(..So this ol boy won't be buying another panasonic cam corder anytime soon. ... Read more

77. Panasonic ZR-6PA/4B PowerEdge Oxy-Alkaline AA Battery 4-pack
by Panasonic

our price: $7.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008W2LD
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 1959
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • New Oxy-Alkaline chemistry delivers up to 43% longer lasting power than standard alkaline
  • Designed for use with Digital Cameras that take AA batteries

78. Panasonic VDRM30 DVD Digital Camcorder
by Panasonic
list price: $899.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008RUET
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 1640
Average Customer Review: 3.2 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The innovative, sleek VDR-M30 DVD camcorder records high-quality digital video and still images onto removable 8cm DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs, offering the ability of non-linear editing of home videos right in the camcorder. Other features include a color viewfinder, 10x optical/240x digital zoom, digital electronic image stabilization, and compatibility with Secure Digital memory cards for storing still images.

DVD Format
The VDR-M30 combines all the technological benefits of the rewritable DVD-RAM format with the compatibility of write-once DVD-R media.DVD-RAM offers the highest quality in digital imaging, huge storage capability--capturing up to 120 minutes of digital video and 1,998 still images to DVD media--and rewritability up to 100,000 times, with virtually no degradation of picture quality no matter how many times the disc is played back. The DVD-R format offers the ability to record onto affordable DVD-R discs for sharing with friends and family, and archiving memories for everyone to enjoy.

With the DVD-RAM format, you can access recorded scenes without the hassles of searching, fast-forwarding or rewinding. Indexed thumbnails are displayed on the 2.5-inch color LCD. In addition, the camcorder will automatically find blank space on the DVD-RAM disc whenever a recording begins, eliminating the possibility of recording over what you've already shot. Camcorder editing features include delete, rearrange, fade in/out, wipe, divide, and splice.

Recorded video and still images captured by the VDR-M30 can be played back on DVD-RAM and the majority of DVD-R compatible MPEG2-conforming devices. Just slide the disc out of the new disc cartridge and place it into the DVD recorder or player, or into a PC or laptop computer equipped with DVD playback. The camcorder has a USB port for easy direct connection to a PC.

The VDR-M30 is equipped with a 12x optical zoom, and also features a 240x digital zoom that allows you to zoom in on incredible close-ups.

Digital Stills
In addition to moving pictures, the VDR-M30 can record still images (640 x 480 pixels) onto a DVD disc or SD Memory Card. A DVD-RAM disc can store JPEG photo data and video together on the same disc. The VDR-M30 lets you keep family memories, in both still and moving pictures, on a single disc. You can also save still images to an optional Secure Digital (SD) memory card

More Features
The XTRA mode uses an advanced MPEG2 data compression technology called VBR (variable bit rate) to record high-quality images. Real-time VBR controls the rate of MPEG2 compression in real time, depending on scene complexity, varying it to enable more efficient recording. In XTRA mode, the VDR-M30 can record continuously for 36 to 120 minutes on both side of an 8cm DVD-RAM disc.

Other features include:

  • 800K pixel resolution
  • 2.5-inch LCD screen
  • 5-mode Program auto-exposure (AE)
  • USB 1.1 connectivity
  • S-Video and A/V output
  • Stereo microphone

Size and Contents
The camcorder measures 2.25 x 3.5 x 5.3 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds (without battery). This package includes the VDRM30 camcorder, AC adapter, battery pack, shoulder strap, A/V cable (M3-RCA), lens cap, USB cable, DVD-R disc, and video editing software. ... Read more


  • Camcorder records video directly to DVD disc
  • Captures up to 120 minutes of digital video and 1,998 still images to DVD media
  • 12x optical zoom and 24x digital zoom with electronic image stabilization
  • Saves digital stills to DVD disc or optional SD memory card
  • Connects to PCs and Macs via USB for stills

Reviews (10)

4-0 out of 5 stars Half Decent
I purchased this camera for the birth of my first child. I figured this was the way camcorder technology was going (actually, this is considered a "palmcorder" due to its small size). All digital. Compatibilty with Windows XP is questionable. I had difficulty getting software to load. Resolution at high zoom is grainy. Other than these two issues the camera has a nice dynamic controller joystick for on-screen navigation. It also is extremely small and easy to carry. Be prepared to fork out a pretty penny for DVD RAM recording media until more manufacturers start making is type of camera.

3-0 out of 5 stars Great camcorder but it's missing something
I absolutely adore my camera... but I'm glad I got it as a gift. It's extremely expensive. The dvd viewing capability is good, the film quality is excellent but...
It has no light. In dim/dark situations, it films ok and plays ok on the viewer but other readers like the computer or dvd player can't see anything. There needs to be a light for this. It looks like there is a place to buy one and attach it to the top but I can't find it anywhere at the Panasonic website.
The software is also a bit of a problem. It doesn't work well with Windows XP.
So, while the camcorder itself is excellent, it's peripherals aren't.

2-0 out of 5 stars what happened
I bought this video camera to record the birth of my child. I got it and immediately checked it to make sure that everything was in working condition. It worked fine. Several months down the line I took the camera out to make sure what kind of card I needed to purchase for taking still photos. When I turned it on and tried to use it, I got the recording of sounds in the room but no picture. Now keep in mind I thought that I was maybe looking at the lens cap, but it was no longer covering the lens. I adjusted everything pertaining to the darkness of the screen and was still unable to get anything other than a black screen on the LCD or through the view finder. Thank goodness it is still under warranty or I would just be out $800.

1-0 out of 5 stars Don't buy this product!
I have had my Panasonic VDR M30 camcorder since Christmas, 2003. I have made five calls to their tech support line, where their technical people admit there is a problem and tell me they are working on fixing the drivers for the camcorder's software to make it work with Windows XP. They refuse to return my telephone calls, and they refuse to exchange my camcorder for another model. They treat their customers very poorly. I would give this product, and this company, zero stars if that were an option.

4-0 out of 5 stars really cool
I'll go into the negative first.

Software: the software did take me a few tries initially installing it on our desktop, was kind of a pain, because the instructions are not very detailed. When I installed it again on my laptop, was much easier, just have to make sure you do it in the right order (do not plug in the USB cable until you click on USBReady.exe, then plug in cable into your camera and the pc. Then install the following: DVDRam Driver, MyDVD, DVD MovieAlbumSE. You'll have to restart the computer after installing each one of these).

Lighting: In dark spaces and at night, honestly, the lack of lighing can make the picture quality in these settings horrible, depending on how dark the atmosphere is. In certain instances, you can go back and use your picture editing software to improve the quality and it turns out fine, but in others, it remains awful, and theres nothing you can do. Make sure you have proper lighting!!! Not sure if there is a light attachment yet, but one is SEVERELY needed.

Thats really it on the negative - grant it they are pretty big negatives when talking about an expensive camera like this, but I found everything else to be great, including the picture and movie quality.

Playing Double-Sided 2.8GB DVDs (smaller than normal DVDs) on your computer:
Despite what others have said, you CAN play these discs (they are about half the size of normal DVDs) on your computer, without having to use the camera as a device attached to your computer to access your pictures. Included on the install disc is a DVDRAM Driver - after you install this, you can pop the DVD into your computers DVD drive, and view pix (pix are stored as JPGs, but you'll need to use the software to play the movies - and make sure you have enough RAM on your pc - my laptop has only 256MB of RAM which nowadays is not enough to run anything, and movies sometimes don't play well - not because of the software (I think, I hope) but because of our memory capacity the laptop).

Picture Quality:
Picture Quality, with the right lighting mind you, has been exceptional, from what I have seen. Keep in mind I have not owned any other kind of camera like this before (really went from throw-away cameras to this one), so I might not be the best one to comment here, but to me it looks great!

Ease of Use:
I don't undertand when others say it is not intuitive to use. The disc navigation is very straight forward and joystick oriented. Changing modes is very easy from stills to movies to the stick memory cards.

This thing is so compact, you can fit it in the palm of you hand, and doesn't weigh a ton. Awesome!

Pix - 40x.
Movies - 240x.

I really do enjoy this camera, it is great.

Wait until the next version comes out to purchase. Some of the above wrinkles should be ironed out and it should be much cheaper than the @ $800.00 we paid. But DVD cameras I'm thinking are going to the new standard, and you'll want to jump on board this cool technology as soon as you can. Plus you can play the DVD-Rs (In my experience, I have not been able to play DVD-RAM discs yet) in your non-computer home DVD players, and now they are making progressive scan DVD players with a built-in memory stcik attachment - too cool, but again right now too expensive. We should have waited but we just had a baby! ... Read more

79. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC33 3.2MP Digital Camera w/ 3x Optical Zoom
by Panasonic
list price: $289.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000095SG3
Catlog: Photography
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 2635
Average Customer Review: 4.68 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Incorporating a Leica 3x optical zoom lens and a 3.2-megapixel resolution, the Panasonic DMC-LC33 offers professional optics in a classically styled camera at an affordable price. The DMC-LC33 also features several automated scene modes, video capture with sound, and ArcSoft image editing software.

Optics and Resolution
The DMC-LC33 captures images up to 2048 x 1526 pixels for 8 x 10 inch photo-quality prints and medium-quality 11 x 14 enlargements. Other resolution modes include 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, and 640 x 480. The 3x optical zoom is joined by a 3x digital zoom for a 9x total zoom.

All Panasonic Lumix digital cameras are equipped with a lens made by Leica, a world-renowned and well-respected manufacturer of precision optical technologies. The top compact lens in the world-renowned Leica family, the DC Vario-Elmarit lens combines comfortably small size with superb image rendering. Its features include:

  • Seven elements in six groups
  • 3x zoom lens system is equivalent to a 35mm to 105mm lens
  • Three aspherical lenses
  • F2.8-F4.9 brightness
  • Focal distance of 5.8mm to 17.4mm
  • Multi-coating technology minimizes ghosting caused by excessive light
  • Fast shutter speeds
Movie Mode
In addition to taking still photos, the DMC-LC33 can also record 320 x 240 movie clips at 10 frames per second with audio. Your video length is limited only by the size of your memory card.

More Features
The Mega Burst Imaging feature allows you to take consecutive pictures at an incredible quick rate, making it perfect for capturing fast-moving objects in high resolution. You can then view your shots on the camera's LCD screen to choose the shot you want and delete the rest.

The Lumix DMC-LC33 features a Mode Dial that gives you a variety of settings to choose from to help give you the best shot possible based on your shooting environment. Modes include simple, normal picture, macro, portrait, night portrait, motion image, landscape, and playback (which lets you view images in a slideshow format on an SD memory card).

The Venus Engine LSI generates the luminance signal of the primary color CCD using all three colors (red, green, blue) for improved diagonal image resolution, compared to conventional CCDs that use only one color (green) to do so, resulting in rich, expressive images. This LSI also handles image processing, LCD functions, and writing to the memory card concurrently, for an overall quick camera response.

Other features include:

  • 1.5-inch LCD screen and optical viewfinder
  • Built-in flash with auto, red-eye reduction, slow synchro, and forced on/off modes
  • ISO sensitivity: Auto, 50, 100, 200, and 400
  • White balance modes: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Halogen, and White Set
Storage and Transfer
Images can be stored on the included 16 MB Secure Digital memory card; the DMC-LC33 is also compatible with MultiMedia (MMC) cards. Images can be downloaded to either a Mac or PC via ultrafast USB 2.0, which means it can be connected to any USB-compatible Windows Me/2000/XP and Mac OS 8.6 or later computer without installing any software. When used with USB 1.1 connection, transfer will slow to USB 1.1 rate.

Power and Size
The camera is powered by 2 AA batteries (alkalines include, rechargeable NiMH batteries recommended). It measures 3.8 by 2.6 by 1.3 inches and weighs 7.6 ounces (excluding batteries).

What's In The Box
This package includes the Lumix DMC-LC33 digital camera, 16 MB Secure Digital card, 2 AA batteries, USB and A/V cables, and strap. The photo editing software included with all Panasonic Lumix cameras lets you turn your home computer into a virtual photo studio. The DMC-LC33 includes the following software:

  • ArcSoft PhotoBase: Transfer images from an SD Memory Card to a PC and display them in a list
  • ArcSoft PhotoImpression: Adjust colors and process images to create calendars, cards, etc.
  • ArcSoft Panorama Maker: Merge separate photos to create a single image
  • ArcSoft PhotoPrinter Pro: Select numerous photos to print together as one group
  • SD Viewer for DSC: Makes it easy to check image data on an SD Memory Card. Use it to create slide shows and save them on an SD Memory Card (for Windows only).
... Read more


  • 3.2 Effective Megapixels
  • Leica DC Vario-Elmarit Lens
  • 3x variable digital zoom
  • Motion Image Recording with Audio
  • 1.5" Diagonal Polycrystalline TFT Color LCD

Reviews (22)

5-0 out of 5 stars Best 3 MP Camera -- A Hidden Gem
I did fair amount of research and concluded that the Panasonic Lumic DMC-LC33 is the best value overall. With the Leica lens, it takes absolutely great pictures that are comparable to those of film cameras. It is very easy to use. The mode dial (choice of simple, normal, macro, portrait, landscape, night portrait, motion) help beginners to take nice pictures. For sophisticated users, it has many control enable you to adjust ISO, EV, white balance, etc. Besides the picture quality, its speed is one of the best among digital cameras. You almost don't feel any shutter lag. I especially like the burst mode which let you take 5 continuous shots in one second, perfect for those hard-to-catch moments. The movie mode appears a bit jittery at 10 fps, but like its still images, the picture quality is very good. I have seen other reviews mentioning the flash being weak. However, I found it adequate and can be easily enhanced by setting ISO to 400. Its size can fit into a pocket.

I think maybe because Panasonic is not as well known in camera as brands such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc., so it prices its models very competitively. This is a great camera at a valued price. I couldn't be happier with it. Strongly recommended.

4-0 out of 5 stars Very good camera!
Its very hard to select a digital camera for purchase with dozens of models out there. Reviews will help but its you who has to make the final decision.

LC33 is one of the rare non-Canon's worth considering. Its got a lot of features, fast performace, sharp images and reasonable price.

1. The image quality is very good, sharp & clean.
2. Fast performance, quick to do everything.
3. Got a unique mega burst mode to capture 5-8 images per sec, extremely handy for sports pics.
4. Build quality is very good and camera feels perfect in hand.
5. Runs on standard NiMH AA batteries, has video out and uses standard SD/MMC cards.
6. Panasonic is running a promotion currently for free 128MB SD card and 4 NiMH batteries after a rebate.
7. Uses only 2 batteries unlike 4 for A70, making it light weight.

1. Bigger than Canon Elph's (about the same size as Canon A70).
2. Plastic tripod mount.
3. No manual controls except white balance.
4. Some noise in photos.

Overall LC33 is better than elcheapo Fuji's, Olympus D560 and Nikon 3100. (Cameras like those from Gateway, Samsung, Vivitar, Argus etc are just pathetic in comparison, don't waste money on them.) My recommendation is to get either Panasonic LC33, Sony P72 or Canon A70.

5-0 out of 5 stars An absolutely amazing camera
This camerae is fabulous. The photos are clear and crisp. The settings enable you to tweak almost anything you want. There are special photo modes. Including a 'heart' mode which is basically point and shoot friendly. The quality is outstanding and the price is comparably less than the cannon A60, but without sacrificing quality standards. Plus this camera takes 2 AA NiMH at a time and not four like other cameras, a huge plus. This way you can carry extra batteries much easier. A battery charger is a must so plan to buy one. With usb 2.0 you'll have your pics on the computer in a flash. Don't be discouraged by all the special settings. Just make sure you have the photo on enlarge quality and not internet, so that it looks good. All resolutions come out nicely. The movie mode is in quicktime format and the movies come out surprisingly clear and the audio is great esp for such a small mic, it picks up everything. I can't say anything bad about this camera but...

The only cons are, make sure you hold the camera on your subject(s) for at least 2 seconds or the pic will come out blurred. Bad lighting makes for some digital noise (grainy). And make sure you purchase at least a 128mb SD card. This camera has been discontinued due to it's lighter remake, LC50. Go buy one and take awesome photos :-)

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Camera
I bought this camera because almost all of my friends own one and they never complained about it. I work with digital cameras all the time in my line of work and this little Panasonic is by far one of the best I have used (compared to other small cameras by sony, canon, and fuji). I did not get this camera from amazon but for those who want to buy a digital camera this is one of the few that are worth the price. It is easy to use and the battery life is great(with the LCD screen turned off). The only compaint I have with this camera is the option with movie recording, it is not poor but very close, so I still give it 5 stars. Highly recommend to first time digital camera buyers.

5-0 out of 5 stars One of the best for the money
I was doing quite a bit of research on 3 MP cameras a few months ago when I came across this camera. The lens is from Leica and the electronics from Panasonic. As I was a fan of both, I practically had no choice but to get this...! I have absolutely no regrets. The flash is a little weak but if you don't have too high an expectation for that, you would be pretty satisfied. If you are planning to get your first Digital Camera, you simply can't go wrong with this one. ... Read more

80. Panasonic Black Print Cartridge For All ( Kx-Clpk1 )
by Panasonic

our price: $84.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000098XIP
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Sales Rank: 45372
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

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